About the Project

The Zander Development project initially started on the 16 August 2018. Development of the project slow down and died off around February 26th 2019. Now as of recent April 18th 2019 the development project has picked up rapidly and the concept of the Zander project has been transformed from a Minecraft API plugin to a multi platform database application.

The main purpose of the Zander project was to dip my toes in the water of programming and to learn Java and the Minecraft Spigot API.

One of the initial functions that there's and a plugin was to do was to just be a general administration tool for me as I run Minecraft servers for people so it will be easy tool to utilise to get big or small tasks automated with a command.

Now with all the my studies that I have done and my interest in web development and programming picking up I thought it would be a great time to pick up this project and see what else I can do with it I branched out and developed the project into a discord bot and a web platform which each platform has its own configuration which all ties into a MySQL database.