Pull Requests & Contributing

You can submit Pull Requests to the zander project here: https://github.com/benrobson/zander/pulls‚Äč

I love teamwork and when people work together when people work together often other people learn new things.

I am totally up for people to make pull requests on my project and give me ideas in the issue tracker and if I've done something wrong or if there is something that I could do better I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions on how I can be better.

I'd love anyone and everyone who knows the languages and the APIs that are used in this project and to encourage you to create a pull request to either change something that I've done wrong all to add something and to generally contribute to the project.

This isn't just my project, I want this to be a software and a platform that anyone can easily use and jump onto a Minecraft server and get it to instantly run although it may take a little bit of tweaking but you know..